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Migrant deaths to surpass FY 2021 -- DHS source

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Another tragic heat-related death in the Eagle Pass area Friday which brings the migrant death toll to at least 523 since October 1st (FY22)—According to a DHS source. This doesn’t include 54 migrants that were found deceased in a tractor trailer in the San Antonio area. That total would surpass all of FY21-- Bringing the number to at least 577. However, the IOM, The UN Migration Agency says 651 migrants have died this year.

A DHS source says 539 migrants died last Fiscal Year.

247 deaths were recorded in 2020 which is the last year that CBP publicly reported migrant deaths.

Director of Air Operations for Air Marine Operations U.S. Customs and Border Protection Efren Gonzalez urges migrants not to cross illegally between POEs—Especially in this heat.

UMC El Paso Trauma Medical Director, Alan Tyroch says they helped 322 patients last year. He says the majority were hurt falling from the border barrier. He says each patient costs the hospital district $43,000 which breaks down to $13.8M. Tyroch says they are on pace to meet or exceed that patient count this year. UMC asked El Paso County last month to help with millions in unpaid medical bills along with financial support for a hospital expansion.

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