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  • Ali Bradley

"It changes nothing" DHS source on TX Governor's Order to Return Undocumented Individuals to Border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order today authorizing the return of "illegal immigrants" to the border. The order states that Texas National Guard soldiers and Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers can apprehend and return immigrants to the border if they cross between ports of entry or commit other violations of federal law.

The governor cites a lack of federal response from the Biden Administration as the reason behind the move. The governor posting to twitter, "While President Biden refuses to do his job & enforce immigration laws, TX is taking unprecedented action to protect Americans & secure our southern border." The governor went on to say "As the challenges on the border continue to increase, Texas will continue to take action to address those challenges caused by the Biden Administration."

A DHS source tells me, "They're just going to drop off immigrants at the bridges, BP is just going to end up taking them to the soft side [facility] to process anyways... So it changes nothing."

Several agents and guardsmen tell me this will still be a game of "catch and release."

Immigration Attorney, Devin Connolly with Reeves Immigration Law Group says “Governor Abbott can certainly expect legal challenges to this order to be filed almost immediately. He even acknowledges that ‘securing the international border is the federal government’s responsibility.’ Nevertheless, he apparently thinks he is legally justified in issuing such an order pursuant to Texas law and the state constitution. I would expect the 5th Circuit to be weighing in on this matter sooner rather than later, and it should be noted that the 5th Circuit is well known to be a very conservative court.”

This all comes as 25 Texas counties have either signed on or committed to declaring the southern border crisis as an "invasion." While he signed the order, the governor has yet to declare an invasion. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says the state should make moves towards declaring an invasion, but it would be a fight with the American government.

I reached out to Texas DPS but the agency does not have a comment while they work through logistics. I have also reached out to the governor regarding the impending backlash, I have not heard back.

Since the Biden Administration took office, more than 3. 2 million migrant encounters have taken place along the southern border. More than 800,000 gotaways (undocumented individuals seen on camera/in bailout pursuit and never apprehended) have been recorded.

Governor Abbott announced today an additional $30 million in Operation Lone Star grants for Texas cities and counties in order to boost border security efforts.

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