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  • Ali Bradley

City of San Antonio opens "Migrant Reception Center" to streamline "onward travel"

In collaboration with community partners, the City of San Antonio is opening a Migrant Reception Center in the northern part of the city. According to leaked emails from DHS sources, the centralized reception and processing center will provide "quicker connection to resources to expedite onward travel."

The city says the goal is to redirect the migrant drop-offs to the new site instead of at the Greyhound Bus Station and the San Antonio International Airport unless they have a departure within two hours. However if they are in ICE facilities the city requests "ticketed migrants" are dropped off at the airport to continue their journey into the U.S.

Since the start of 2021 ICE has been dropping off single adult men and women daily at the airport in San Antonio. In one instance, 75 men traveling alone from Venezuela were released at the airport, the majority saying they were heading to Chicago. Hours later, 75 women traveling alone were also dropped off at the airport.

The facility is set to start receiving migrants tomorrow morning.

I have reached out to the city for more information and have yet to hear back. *This is a developing story, updates will be added**

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