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Ali Bradley

Independent Journalist

Transparency is the name of the game. I share everything I learn via live stream. You will not find opinions, just the facts. I hope what you learn challenges you to break out of the echo chamber and open your heart and mind to the truth-- all sides of it.

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Interactive Objective Transparent Assignments

When the majority of people I talked with said they had trouble trusting what they were seeing in the news, I knew the first step was transparency. Letting you sit in on every interview-- Encouraging questions along the way. Watch it unfold live as I show you what I come across, when I come across it.

Homeless in Seattle

Tracy was living on the streets of Seattle just 3 months ago. She is working, has an apartment and now volunteers with the organization that helped her get on her feet. We Heart Seattle was started by Andrea Suarez in October of 2020. She knew the only way to make a difference was localized, consistent visits. We visited an encampment in Sodo where we met 18-year-old Lux. She tells us she has been homeless since she was 12. She is addicted to drugs but is open to the idea of relocating and a new start.

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Stuck in Kabul: Former U.S. Army Interpreter pleading for help

Live phone call with Ahmad, a former U.S. Army interpreter and IT contractor. Ahmad, his wife and three young kids are still in Afghanistan and hope the U.S. government will help get them to safety. The boots on the ground couldn't reach him safely, so their only option would have been to drive out, but Ahmad's wife was in fear of their lives in the vehicle. They haven't left, Ahmad only goes out to get food, but in a disguise and does his best to hide. He says he and many others worked shoulder to shoulder with U.S. troops and he hopes the U.S. government will honor its promise to keep them safe. He says he cannot go back to work right now because they are enemies of the Taliban. He still has hope, despite America ending her occupation there.

TX border: Is there a crisis?

Brooks Co. Sheriff Benny Martinez tells me his department has recovered 85 migrant bodies from rural parts of his county. He says he doesn’t see the amount of migrants crossing into the U.S. slowing down, so he is asking for medical resources and supplies to supplement his team. In the meantime, he has opened opened a temporary morgue where he tells me 25 migrant bodies are currently being held. He says when a migrant dies in the county, the county is now responsible for conducting and paying for the autopsy, COVID testing etc. Sheriff Martinez says 20% of the migrant bodies recovered and tested in Brooks County have tested positive for COVID. He says the majority of the migrants succumb to the elements and die of dehydration trying to walk through his county up to San Antonio or Houston. Sheriff Martinez says these deaths could be prevented. 

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Who am I?

Ali Bradley: IOTA - Journalist

I started telling stories as a journalist in 2007, but the truth is, I have been sharing stories to anyone who will listen my entire life. I graduated from The Edward R. Murrow School of Communications with an emphasis in broadcasting from Washington State University. Go Cougs. I started my career at Fox Sports Northwest and then moved to Casper, WY as a morning news anchor, producer and assistant news director. I moved to Toledo, OH for more experience and then I landed in York, PA as an evening anchor for 3 years. I fought tooth and nail to get back home, to be with my family in Washington State. I made it. But it wasn't what I imagined... So now, I am on my own. Fueled by support and encouragement-- and the truth.

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